Commercial and Residential Flood Protection Service


There are two significant aspects of flood protection services usually considered for an area that is prone to flooding. One of the services deals with what we can call “domestic flooding” that usually is caused by water service pipes ferrying water to homes and the other is about natural flooding associated with heavy downpour or water overflow from the rain, rivers, seas, dams and lakes. Floods can cause devastating amounts of damage, but our plumbers can help prevent the damage.

Aspect Plumbers offer a variety of battery backup sump pump and sewage pump systems to ensure, in the event of a power or pump failure, that you’re covered.

The most common time for a power failure is during a heavy rain storm, if you do not have a battery backup pump, then you risk being flooded.

Residential Flood Protection

Battery backup pumps also offer protection from your primary sump pump failing and as well can act as a secondary pump during heavy rains to help rid your foundation of ground water.

Sewer backups can also be caused by flooding in several homes. We offer some solutions for customers in flood protection systems. These systems can ensure no matter what happens with the sewer system outside your home that your house is protected from a possible backup.

Home Flood Protection

We offer a full line of different back systems; many are maintenance free. Call us today to get your sump, ejector, or sewer system inspected for possible threats and failures.

Prevention is a various service, perhaps the number one service provided for flood protection organizations. Prevention is sometimes overlooked due to the cost of several flood walls and other flood barriers. As mentioned above, not all flooding happens when large bodies of water rise. Some floods occur due to water mains and other water pipes bursting. If the commercial space is in a stand-alone building, pipes should be inspected every six months to a year to ensure they are in proper working order, and any leaks or damaged pipes should be replaced at that time.

Secondly, routine monitoring and checking should be done to make sure the area is clear of obstructions. A good test for this is to have a large amount of water poured down the drain as quickly as possible to see if there are any backups. If water overflows into the basement, it is almost obvious that the drain is having problems keeping up. This will require us to install burst pipes to remove drains and keep up with the water flow.

Protection services also provide advisory services with regards to insuring someone’s premise against floods. Insurance helps with replacing lost items and repairing the building after a flood. Sometimes, this coverage is hard to obtain, especially if the building is in an area that is prone to flooding. However, installation of typical flood barriers, automatic flood barriers and a monitored water sensor by the protection services may be enough to make a difference. If an insurance provider sees that every effort is being made to avoid costly damages; they are more likely to approve a policy.